The Committee

The objective of the Committee, founded by the artist’s daughters, Mara and Léano, is to make known the life and work of their father: Jean Lambert-Rucki. The Committee aims to gather all the knowledge, references, archives and documentation of all kinds that will allow to promote the best possible knowledge of the graphic and sculptural work of the artist. In addition, to defend, by all authorized means, his ideas, his work and all of his creations; to organize or encourage all events, all publications and all actions which will allow the accomplishment of the social object of this Committee and to make known to the widest possible public the artistic work of Jean Lambert-Rucki, to promote the work of the artist by means of editions of posthumous works in bronze with limited edition in the respect of the law in force; to defend and assert moral rights in the context of existing works on the market, whether original or posthumous; to issue, for a fee, to art professionals, collectors and auctioneers who request it, certificates of authenticity for the works they hold; in agreement with the members of this association, only the certificates issued by this Committee will be authentic in court in the event of disputes about the origin of a work. The validity of the certificates of the Jean Lambert-Rucki Committee begins on the date of its creation.