The Committee

The purpose is to promote the life and the work of the sculptor and painter Jean Lambert-Rucki. To gather all knowledge, references, archives and documentation of any kind that will allow to spread the best possible knowledge of the artist’s work. To defend by all authorized means his ideas, his work and all of his creation. To organize or trigger all events, publications and actions that will fulfill the social objective and make the widest possible public aware of the artistic work of Jean Lambert-Rucki. To promote the work of the artist through limited posthumous bronze edition in accordance with the law. To defend and enforce the rights of the artist’s heirs in the context of existing works on the market, whether original or posthumous. To issue certificates of authenticity, for a fee, to the art professionals, collectors and auctioneers who shall request it, for the works they possess. In agreement with the members of this association, only the certificates issued by this committee will be found legitimate in court in the event of disputes over a work provenance. The validity of the certificates issued by the Jean Lambert-Rucki committee begins on the date of the creation of this committee. To undertake the registration and cataloging of the sculpted and painted works of the artist for the purpose of writing a catalogue raisonné.